An analysis of the aftermath of the french and indian war

Effects Of The War

Colonial governments, sensing that it would curb their own authority and territorial rights, either rejected the plan or chose not to act on it at all. These tribes were formally under Iroquois rule and were limited by them in their authority to make agreements. In early August, Montcalm and 7, troops besieged the fort, which capitulated with an agreement to withdraw under parole.

Washington gave the Word for all his Men to fire. After a set amount of time, students will work with their partner to begin the Pair portion of the Think, Pair, Share, communicating the information from their own half of the document. The first battle Washington defeats the French in a surprise attack.

Grenville determined to curtail government spending and make sure that, as subjects of the British Empire, the American colonists did their part to pay down the massive debt.

Neolin was a spiritual leader who preached a doctrine of shunning European culture and expelling Europeans from native lands. Cite specific evidence from the text that supports your answer.

The aftermath of the french and indian war

He purchased their construction tools to continue building what became Fort Duquesne. The teacher should stress the importance of critically analyzing the specific words and sentiments expressed directly in the document.

InWashington received authorization to build a fort near the present site of Pittsburgh. The French had constructed a number of forts in this region in an attempt to strengthen their claim on the territory. It was attacked by French soldiers and Indian warriors ambushing them from hiding places up in trees and behind logs, and Braddock called for a retreat.

Make certain that students understand that the original text has been excerpted for this lesson. Declarations of War Great Britain declares war on France. The British government began increasing revenues by raising taxes at home, even as various interest groups lobbied to keep their taxes low.

Over dinner, Washington presented Saint-Pierre with the letter from Dinwiddie demanding an immediate French withdrawal from the Ohio Country.

What is now considered the French and Indian War though at the time the war was undeclaredbegan in Novemberwhen the young Virginian major George Washington and a number of men headed out into the Ohio region with the mission to deliver a message to a French captain demanding that French troops withdraw from the territory.

Confronting the National Debt: The Aftermath of the French and Indian War

Analyzing a Political Cartoon: The teacher should pose several higher-order questions see examples in the Objective section of this lesson to encourage a classroom discussion based on the text. Explain the purpose and use of ellipses. To give teeth to the Sugar Act, the law intensified enforcement provisions.

Make certain students understand that the text has been excerpted from two different speeches for this lesson. The treaty that ended the war between France and Great Britain proved to be a significant blow to native peoples, who had viewed the conflict as an opportunity to gain additional trade goods from both sides.

But the territory was also claimed by Pennsylvania, and both colonies began pushing for action to improve their respective claims.

Battle of Jumonville Glen

Table of Contents Timeline March 15, October 18, Glossary a tax imposed on businesses, rather than directly on consumers Loyalists colonists in America who were loyal to Great Britain Proclamation Line a line along the Appalachian Mountains, imposed by the Proclamation ofwest of which British colonists could not settle vice-admiralty courts.

Students should have a good understanding of pre-Columbian indigenous history, the age of exploration, wars of European colonialism around the world, cultural diffusion, imperialism, and other topics relevant to world and US history.

Modern writer William Nester believes that the Indians might have been exposed to European carriers, although no proof exists. What do you think the most interesting lines in the diary are? Sir William Johnson was to capture Fort St. Race relations between Indians and whites remained poisoned on the frontier.

If the King had too much power, the result would be tyranny.

French and Indian War

Why do you think he feels this way? Discuss with the students the importance of critically analyzing the specific words and sentiments expressed directly in the document. Follow-Up Activities Students will analyze and compare the documents presented in the unit.

The issues of conflicting territorial claims between British and French colonies were turned over to a commission, but it reached no decision. Students will "close read" their portion of the text and fill in the organizers with relevant ideas, vocabulary, quotations, and meanings.

The non-profit Braddock Road Preservation Association, named for the road General Braddock constructed to reach Fort Duquesne, sponsors research and promotes the French and Indian War history of the area.The French and Indian War, a colonial extension of the Seven Years War that ravaged Europe from towas the bloodiest American war in the 18th century.

It took more lives than the American Revolution, involved people on three continents, including the Caribbean. The war was the product of. The French and Indian War, though nearly forgotten today, was one of those large events. The war, fought when America was still little more than a rustic outpost on the far periphery of the British Empire, made everything that happened after possible.

The French and Indian War had a negative effect on the relationship between Britain and its American colonies. The French and Indian War was known as the Seven Years War in America. The colonists were having conflicts with the Native Americans on the issue of territory.

During the war, many Indian tribes had sided with the French, who supplied them with guns. After the Treaty of Paris that ended the French and Indian War (or the Seven Years’ War), British colonists had to defend the frontier, where French colonists and their tribal allies remained a powerful force.

The french and Indian War. · Though Britain’s victory in the French and years essay future in help Indian War expelled France from North the aftermath of the french and indian war America The conflict and its aftermath produced substantial.

Q&A > History > Analyze the effect of the French and Indian War and its aftermath on the relationship between Great Britain and the British colonies. Analyze the effect of the French and Indian War and its aftermath on the relationship between Great Britain and the British colonies.

An analysis of the aftermath of the french and indian war
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