How stan musial has made me

I'm proud my son "adopted" Stan as his favorite player.

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It is Stan Musial on his way home from the ballpark. I was honored to have met him as a young boy and he gave me his full attention in that short meeting. No more talented gracious and elegant player ever swung the bat.

He was truly THE MAN in every sense of the word - faithful to his family faithful to his Catholic faith faithful to his community a man of honor. The Man personified everything that was and is truly great about the game of baseball.

Stan Musial

He makes a better statue. When she asked why I didn't wash my right hand with tears steaming I replied " I can't wash my that hand because that's the hand that shook Stan's hand. At one point an older lady got in and asked who we were looking for. Always remember to hit the dry side of a spit ball just like Musial did.

Baseball's perfect Warrior and Knight. My dad was a huge fan of The Man. A great great player and gentleman. Always smiling always gracious always Stan The Man.

Wow was I one happy young man. He is Stan The Man. Musial for the way you lived your life and may God bless your family!

Stan Musial (1920 - 2013)

It meant so much we will miss Stan he will always be the best Cardinal! He told me all about Stan and how he watched him play in person.

I watched him play on many occasions at the old Busch Stadium at Grand and Dodier. My husband and I both grew up watching him play. I was so impressed with how down to earth he was!

Stan Musial

Lukasz Musial, a Polish immigrant, worked at the American Steel and Wire Company, loading bales of wire onto freight cars. You are the reason why I had loved the Cards for so many years and have always wished I could have met you to say "thanks for being the kind of person I admire the most".

I saw him rarely on TV but he was the Man on my radio every night of each summer. Having lost my own father 8 months ago makes this especially tough for me. Those were the days when ballplayers had class and knew what the fans meant.

Louis Walk of Fame. His mother was of Czech descent and his father was a Polish immigrant.Note, this is done in an automated way, so we apologize for any errors, & please report any suggested corrections.

"Statistics" is included to allow non-English speakers to find our 79 kg. Stan Musial has remained one of St.

Louis's civic treasures. In his early 80s, though retired from active management of his famous restaurant, Stan Musial and Biggie's. As one of the most respected and beloved players in baseball history, Hall of Famer Stan Musial made a major impact not only on the Cardinals organization, but on the game as a whole.

Stan Musial was St. Louis. In a town that loves its baseball team as much as any in the land, Musial was the greatest Cardinal of them all. In a year major league career spent solely with the. Stan Musial was born Nov. 21, in the Pittsburgh area town of Donora, Pa., which is also the birthplace of Major League Baseball players Ken Griffey Jr.

and Sr. “Stan the Man,” regarded as one of the top 10 players of all time, played 22 seasons for the St. Louis Cardinals from to My daughters made a picture box for me in which Mr Musial's picture is featured.

Thank you Mr. Musial for the way you lived your life and may God bless your family!" "I have been a Cardinal fan since and Stan Musial has been my hero since I had the privilege to see him play twice in l in Ebbets Field and years later at the.

How stan musial has made me
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