Polaroid vs kodak

Still video camera Handheld electronic cameras, Polaroid vs kodak the sense of a device meant to be carried and used like a handheld film camera, appeared in with the demonstration of the Sony Mavica Magnetic Video Camera. Lines of videotapes and floppy discs are introduced.

United States trademark law

This same time period also saw the introduction of the Hasselblad Fwhich set the standard for medium format SLRs for decades. Two years later, Kodak brought out a similar cartridge system for super-eight format Instamatic movie cameras and projectors.

Canon demonstrated a prototype of this model at the Summer Olympicsprinting the images in the Yomiuri Shinbuna Japanese newspaper. The next technological advance came inwhen the German Mec 16 SB subminiature became the first camera to place the light meter behind the lens for more accurate metering.

Instead of following through with his original vacation plans, Eastman spent the time studying how to make photography more convenient.


Digital camera sales continued to flourish, driven by technology advances. By the company had made significant advances in millimeter color slide technology and introduced the first completely automatic projector, called the Kodak Cavalcade. Until this point, the company had always included the cost of film processing in the cost of film.

China ; Kodak China Co. One year later, however, the plan backfired somewhat when 6, decided to retire early.

History of the camera

Trademark compared to other intellectual property laws[ edit ] In contrast to copyright or patent law, trademark protection does not have a set duration or definite expiration date. Granting trademark rights on a generic term-say "apple" for use on apple juice-puts other companies at an unfair competitive disadvantage.

Kodak Printomatic vs Polaroid Snap, Battle of Instant Cameras

In addition, the company had already established a foothold with a similar product, the Verifax machine, which had been introduced in Other businesses within the health group included X-ray machines and electronic health imaging products.

Of all the products introduced during Fallon's tenure, only the Ektaprint copier was considered a success, although it gradually lost its marketing advantage to competitive offerings with greater speed and more features.

A fear began to arise that large companies could monopolize fields by buying up patents, and so patents suffered as a result. Early development The concept of digitizing images on scanners, and the concept of digitizing video signals, predate the concept of making still pictures by digitizing signals from an array of discrete sensor elements.

This is where post-processing comes in, and where I personally found my tipping point that made me stick with digital. Three group presidents were appointed to head the three divisions. Inone year after astronaut John Glenn had used Kodak film to record his orbit of the earth, the company introduced the Instamatic camera.

The pocket Instamatic camera is launched. Descriptive marks may become distinctive acquire "secondary meaning" through 5 years of use in commerce, or through evidence of heavy advertising and market recognition.

Fisher and a newly installed top financial team went ahead with the spinoff to shareholders of Eastman Chemical at year-end ; this divestment had already been in the works under Whitmore.

Film vs. Digital

Polaroid no longer makes the instant film it fought so hard for and Kodak no longer makes cameras though they do still barely make film.

An employee's suggestion to apply the company's manufacturing capabilities to the production of lithium batteries resulted in the successful introduction of a complete line of alkaline battery products under the Supralife brand in The first consumer camera with a liquid crystal display on the back was the Casio QV developed by a team led by Hiroyuki Suetaka in It was clear that a new era took hold in the mids, and many looked on the result in the Polaroid v.

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Top three instant printers, compared

→ New Cinestil and Arfa film announced in Japan. → New Russian Foqus Type-D B&W 35mm film announced. Polaroid alleged that Kodak illegally incorporated the technology in instant photography products it sold from until early Polaroid sought trebled damages of $12 billion, claiming it suffered severely at Kodak's hands through loss of market share and unfair price competition.

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Polaroid vs kodak
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