Theme analysis in the fountainhead a novel by ayn rand

The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. You have the courage to tell the masses what no politician told them: Byit had sold over 6.

Despite the opposition, Ogden staked his career on this book. This band of real-life rebels, not surprisingly, centered in Weimar, Germany, in the s. Only at the end of the novel does she accept that she can be happy and survive.

It was rejected by twelve publishers. Peter Keating, one of the favorite students at the school, frequently persuades Roark to help him with his assignments.

The story of innovative architect Howard Roark, and his lifelong battle against a society committed to traditional forms of design, The Fountainhead glorifies the great original thinkers of history. The original story by Dudley Murphy was about two construction workers working on a skyscraper who are rivals for a woman's love.

He is Rand's personification of evil—the most active and self-aware villain in any of her novels. Ephron wrote that she decided upon rereading that "it is better read when one is young enough to miss the point. She points out that, as a benign secondary consequence, a reader witnessing the life of Howard Roark may be inspired to seek his own heroic achievements.

The novel received harsh criticism, but word of mouth, as in the case ofThe Fountainhead, insured its success.

She was even more vehemently anti-Communist. The Importance of Reason The Fountainhead disapproves of sentimentalism, and argues that everything worth thinking or feeling should be the product of reason and logic, not emotion. Ina 50th anniversary edition from Bobbs-Merrill added an afterword by Rand's heir, Leonard Peikoff.

Russell Kirk called Objectivism an "inverted religion", [65] Frank Meyer accused Rand of "calculated cruelties" and her message, an "arid subhuman image of man", [65] and Garry Wills regarded Rand a "fanatic".

Rand rewrote it, transforming the rivals into architects.

The Fountainhead Themes

Eighteen months later, the Wynand Building is under construction. When and if this happens, that will be the time to go on strike, but not until then". She called Rand "a traitor to her own sex".

They are immediately attracted to each other, leading to a rough sexual encounter that Dominique later calls a rape. In this, however, Toohey has additional motives. It suffered one of the worst openings ever among films in wide release: The book is about the conflict between those who think for themselves and those who allow others to dominate their lives.

Roark takes a job with another firm but learns that his designs will be combined with those of others. The issue of conformity in the story relates to another real-life movement of the time. It has also been referred to in a variety of popular entertainments, including movies, television series, and other novels.

DeMille when he asked her to write a script for what would become the film Skyscraper. The woman's response was focused on social comparisons: Roark is arrested and his action is widely condemned, but Wynand decides to use his papers to defend his friend.

The Fountainhead Summary

Dominique also returns to New York and learns Roark is an architect. Wynand is so strongly attracted to Dominique that he pays Keating to divorce her, after which Wynand and Dominique are married.

The arch-villain Toohey controls the weak by advocating such values as selflessness. Ogden's boss, Bobbs-Merrill president D. In The Fountainhead, Rand also shows that nonconformity, often thought to be the opposite of blind obedience, is merely a variation on the same theme.

Dominique speaks in Roark's defense, but he loses the case. Rand's version contained elements she would use in The Fountainhead. DeMille rejected Rand's script, and the completed film followed Murphy's original idea. About whose sculptures does Roark say: In her previous novels, Ayn Rand had also glorified the heroism of the freethinking human mind, although in different forms.(The Diaries of Ayn Rand, ) The Fountainhead contains an undeveloped form of Rand's philosophical beliefs.

She wanted the novel to be imbued with a spirit of individualism and to convey the idea that "man's ego is the fountainhead of human progress" (The Fountainhead, front matter). Rand did extensive research while writing the novel.

The Fountainhead was a surprise popular success that catapulted Ayn (pronounced to rhyme with “mine”) Rand to fame.

The Fountainhead: Theme Analysis

Rand had been born Alice Rosenbaum in St. Petersburg, Russia, on February 2. The Fountainhead—and indeed of Ayn Rand herself—is one of the most controversial novels of all time. There's no real gray area when discussing The Fountainhead: there are fanboys and fangirls, and there are people who refuse to touch the novel with a ten-foot pole.

In her novel, ''The Fountainhead'', Ayn Rand explores the struggle between the individual and society. This lesson will introduce characters, provide a summary, and give an analysis of the book.

Atlas Shrugged is a novel by Ayn Rand. The theme of Atlas Shrugged, as Rand described it, her contract for The Fountainhead gave the first option to its publisher, Bobbs-Merrill Company.

After reviewing a partial manuscript, they asked her to discuss a number of cuts and other changes. She refused, and Bobbs-Merrill rejected the book.

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The Fountainhead: Biography: Ayn Rand, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography information, character profiles, theme analysis, metaphor analysis, and top ten quotes on classic literature.

Theme analysis in the fountainhead a novel by ayn rand
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